Our team offers rational solutions for your projects, ensures the quality of work and helps to optimize time and costs.
Design solutions

Our specialists have gained exceptional experience in designing various balcony glazing structures. The correct design methods help to avoid operational problems in the future. Our team offers rational solutions for your projects and helps optimize time and cost. We consult architects and, after reviewing the building drawings in AC format, provide detailed proposals.

Individual solutions

If you are looking for more detailed information about a product or service, write to us by e-mail and we will respond to your request within three working days. The client can arrange an individual meeting with a company specialist during which they will receive all the necessary information about our services, hear the offer and sign the contract.

SITEKS performs works related to the design of balcony glazing and partition structures. We adapt the most suitable structural fastening units to your project. We always try to take into account the author's design ideas and not to change the facade of the building.
Balcony fencing constructions can be installed in different profiles and in different ways, but it is best to use specially designed aluminum profile systems.

Properly installed, it helps the balcony glazing structure to last a long time and flawlessly. A glazed balcony should not have to worry about moisture entering the balcony. Wind gusts should not cause additional noise and all moving parts of the glass should slide safely and flawlessly.

Therefore, it is necessary to assess the situation at the site:

  • Renovated or newly built house
  • Which balcony glazing design is best for you?
  • What is the best way to install a glazing structure?
  • Which sheet metal hinges should be used for drainage?
  • It needs to be determined whether it is possible to attach new structures to surviving old structures
  • Which glazing construction to choose when matching to the exterior facade of the building?
  • What materials are best used for finishing and installation work?
During the measurement, you will be able to consult with our specialist about the technical properties and capabilities of the products to be purchased (recommended maximum sizes, mounting options, finishing methods, etc.).
All balcony glazing constructions require particularly careful work by balcony glazing specialists, therefore we do not recommend entrusting the installation work to workers of a different profile.

If defects are found during the warranty period, call +370 610 20500 or let us know by e-mail:

We will register your message.

The following must be submitted at the time of defect registration:

  • contract number,
  • object address,
  • contact phone,
  • trumpai apibūdinti defektą.

The warranty service will contact you within 3 working days and arrange the exact time of arrival. We will identify and eliminate the defect in the shortest possible time.

In the case of more complex defects, removal depends on the delivery time of the required parts and materials. In this case, we will agree with you on the exact time of the defect removal.