Glass roof

The roof frame constructions are made of three aluminum rectangular pipes: 50 × 50, 100 × 50 and 150 × 50 mm. The surface of the frame is painted with powder paint. Large constructions are prepared with separate profiles and completed on site. Roof joints up to 2 × 3 m in size are usually welded. Many block houses have standard balconies of this size. Welding provides greater stability and rigidity, in which case support columns can be avoided, making the structures lighter.
The roof can be covered with 6, 8 or 10 mm thick tempered glass panels (which can be laminated), profiled sheet metal, PVC profiled plastic panels or PC laminated plastic panels. We can also offer an innovative so-called self-cleaning glass. Pilkington Activ is plain glass with a unique special layer on the outside. Glass illuminated by sunlight causes a reaction that breaks down organic dirt on the glass surface. When it rains, the water does not run off in drops, but is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the glass and drains away, removing dirt. Such glass is especially suitable for use on roofs that are difficult to maintain and clean.

Water resistance is ensured by the 50 mm profile system for Schüco skylights. The system can be installed on any existing structure (wood, steel, aluminum). The glass is supported on three sides, the first open edge protruding an average of 100 mm from the edge of the roof. Glass joints are glued with butyl, wall joints are sealed with waterproof sheet metal.