About us

SITEKS – balkonų stiklinimo sprendimų lyderė Lietuvoje, įkurta 2005 metais. Įmonės specializacija – įvairių balkonų stiklinimo konstrukcijų projektavimas, gamyba ir montavimas. Pagrindinis mūsų siekis – užtikrinti aukščiausią produkcijos ir paslaugų kokybę. Bendradarbiaudami tiek su individualiu klientu, tiek su didžiosiomis statybos bendrovėmis, tikime, jog savo paslaugomis prisidedame prie gyvenimo kokybės kėlimo kiekvienuose namuose.

Our main uniqueness - professionalism and reliability. During more than ten years of operation, we have gained experience that allows us to make innovative design decisions. Our specialists constantly follow the latest trends in the field of construction and apply them in Lithuania. Therefore, we offer our customers not only modern products, but also professional service services: individual design solutions, high-quality product installation, flexible work organization.

MISSION - advanced balcony construction solutions and professionally implemented projects

VISION - a reliable partner in Europe, offering integrated balcony glazing solutions

• Teamwork. In order to achieve a common goal, we trust each other, communicate openly, share information and experience, look at our responsibilities responsibly, respect colleagues and work in a team.
• Respect for the employee. The opinion of everyone working in the company is important. Our personal initiatives are valued and there is an opportunity for maximum improvement.
• Improvement. We analyze our own and colleagues' experience, look for solutions based on the latest ideas, and constantly develop our personal professionalism and competence.
 Partnership. Customers and suppliers are our valuable partners. In order to achieve the optimal result, we seek solutions together and value long-term cooperation.