Terrace glazing

Terrace glazing gives the house a modern design, is durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions, so you can use all year round. After the installation of this type of terraces maintain cleanliness and reduces heating costs. Glass terraces ensures comfortable use. Sliding glass systems are installed in such a way that it takes up minimal space and allow maximum use of the interior. Terrace doors constructed so as to allow easy access for children and, if necessary, would be safely locked.

Terrace glazing can be easily adapted to the appearance of the house, because if an individual needs can be utilized in various shades of glass.

We offer two different options for glazing terraces – framed and frameless glazing.


Framed glazing

The terrace glazing sliding system is comprised of aluminium profiles and glass panes fitted therein. Modules move smoothly on maintenance-free nylon covered rollers between the upper and lower guide profile with two or four tracks. The modules are connected with each other by a so-called wind-lock which is equipped with a hair gasket. Such a gasket reduces noise and makes the room dust- and waterproof. The wind-lock has also a security function – modules cannot be removed from the outside.

The guide profiles are equipped with drainage channels. The system practically lacks parts which can wear mechanically. The surface of the profiles is naturally anodized and can be painted with powder paints according to RAL colour catalogue or decorated with a wood imitation. The glass selection includes toughened and laminated clear glass, matt glass and glass in various shades. It is possible to use 4 and 6 mm thick single glass or 3+3 laminated glass. In case of up to four modules they can all be opened towards one side, and in case of more than four modules they can be opened towards two sides.

Frameless glazing

The product is identical to the balcony glazing system and is comprised of an upper and lower guide profile with glass panes equipped with horizontal rollers in between. The construction of the horizontal rollers and profiles allows the glass panes to be moved one after another. The glass pane in the end opens to the inside at a 90 degree angle, the next pane moves to its place and opens in the same manner. The end result is that the glass panes can be opened towards the inside against the wall like the pages of a book, and the entire terrace is opened.

The described mechanism enables to open the entire opening, combine ventilation modes and easily clean the glass panes. Such system comprises of 50–70 cm thick glass panes, the height of which is determined by the height of the terrace opening to be glazed. Terraces are glazed with 8 mm thick toughened glass with sanded edges which in case of breaking fall into granules. The latter are safe and do not cause any damages. It is possible to choose between clear – transparent glass and shaded glass.

Such terrace glazing system can be used for the glazing of straight terraces, terraces with different sized angles as well as curved terraces. A great advantage of the system is that in case of angled terraces it is possible to slide glass panes also over the corner. Since the system lacks vertical profiles, it hardly changes the building’s facade. A nice appearance and lack of frames withholding light are the main advantages of this construction. Since single glass is used, it is deemed to be a “cold” system, but nonetheless it maintains warmth and cosiness on terraces at any time of the year.

Upon request, the lower guide profile (43×58 mm) can be sunk into the floor so that it will not be above the floor surface.

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