Glass roofs

Glass roof constructions

A glass roof has an attractive and practical function of the building, providing exceptional design. These types of glass roofs protect from precipitation and provide natural light. For installation of glass roofs commonly used transparent glass, but at the individual need always are possible other options. Glass roofs are resistant to shock, and tempered glass breakage cases provide protection against injury.

We offer glass-aluminium roof constructions for balconies, terraces and on above entrances. Glass roofs on top of balconies and terraces raise value of the building.



Roof’s frame construction has been manufactured by combining mainly three aluminium square tubes: 50×50, 100×50 and 150×50 mm. Frames are power-coated according to RAL-catalogue. Larger constructions are manufactured profile by profile and are completed on the site. Glass roofs that fit into measures 2×3 m are usually welded. That kind of roof is mostly used for standard apartment buildings. Weld connection gives greater stability and rigidity. It is possible to remove front support beam which makes the construction even lighter.

For roofing can be used 6, 8 or 10 mm thick tempered glass (if needed also laminated glass), profile sheet, corrugated PC sheet and multi-wall PC sheet. As a novel solution we can offer also Pilkington Active dual-active self-cleaning glass. The special ‘dual-action’ coating works in two stages: first it uses daylight to break down organic dirt on the glass then rainwater washes the loosened dirt away. The glass also dries off quickly, to leave cleaner windows without streaks. Using that kind of glass is especially recommendable for glass roof constructions as it is complicated to clean and maintain that kind of surfaces after the installation.

Water tightness is ensured by Schüco 50 mm wide profile system that has been designed for glass roofs. It is possible to install the system on any existing constructions (wood, steel, aluminium). Glass is fixed on three sides, first opened glass edge reaches average of 100 mm over the roof’s edge. Glass joints are glued with butyl, wall connections are tightened with water sheets.

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The main specialization of the company is the design, realization, installation and maintenances services of various glazing systems of balconies.


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