Framework internal partitions

Glass partitions provide space and is a great element regarding both the needs of the employees and the work atmosphere. Glass partition with aluminum frame give openness for premises, generosity and spaciousness. They are perfectly suitable for office facilities, commercial sites to separate. Designer can also help to choose an elegant solution for residential accommodation as well.

Glass is a perfect solution when you divide the premises without loosing the seize of premises and light inside.
In modern office glass partitions help to create a practical working environment, give light, spaciousness and ensure sound insulation.

At work: convenient, sound-proof, removable

Nowadays it is important that the Exchange of information could be performed as quick as possible and the environment surrounding us would be as clear as possible. With the help of „Siteks” glass partitions you can create a very comfortable and practical environment at your. There is no need to separate rooms with gypsum boards, which make the employees feel as in narrow laboratory. After separating premises with glass partitions both at office and recreation room, it becomes very convenient and nice. As far as the advantages of glass partitions are concerned it should be mentioned that they can be easily and quickly removed. Glass partitions withholds noise very well – when sliding doors are closed, you can talk on the phone unimpededly.

At home: transparent wall providing spaciousness

Glass partition are ideal for using at home. For instance, customers use them to separate bedroom and living room. This solutions is perfect when there is little space – if you need more space, the wall can be slided without difficulties. If you come to order glass partitions, you should know the height and width of premises, although later a specialist will come to measure them himself. The customer should also know the kind of partition he/she wants; whether any locks are necessary; what kind of handles, glass type, silk-screen patterns etc. should be used, If the tempered glass is ordered, the order is performed approximately within a week. If you order laminated glass, you will not need to wait for so long. However in most cases, the whole process takes about a week.

Wide choice

When selecting glasses, you can choose a tempered, laminated or tinted glass of different colors. The range of colors of aluminum profiles is very wide. We also sell profiles with wood pattern, If you wish, we can draw an artistic picture or sign on the glass. A laminate plate can be installed into the profile and the whole wall can be manufactured so that it would look like a wooden wall.

About Us

The main specialization of the company is the design, realization, installation and maintenances services of various glazing systems of balconies.


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