Frameless glass partitions

This is the combination of modern technologies, esthetic and original architectural solutions and unlimited possibilities for the interior functional solutions. Glass still remains fashionable and is easily adapted interior element. Glass partitions provide solidity and lightness for premises, allow changing the interior layout originally, optically increase the space, remove boundaries and remains the integrity of the environment.

Frameless glass partitions are installed either in public premises – offices, cafes, supermarkets, or in the interiors of residential accommodations. Modern technologies allow adapting glass partitions in different spaces. The partitions can be manufactured from tempered, transparent or toned, matt glass by applying the most suitable and modern hinges and holders. Glass decoration as well as colors and shapes of furniture are adapted individually regarding the peculiarities of each interior.



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The main specialization of the company is the design, realization, installation and maintenances services of various glazing systems of balconies.


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